What will the program cost you?

For someone who wishes to become an Oregon Master Naturalist, enrollment in the Oregon Master Naturalist Program includes the following courses, each with its own fee. The price breakdown is as follows:

Oregon Master Naturalist Online Course

  • $325 The Online Course is designed to be the core curriculum for the Oregon Master Naturalist Program. It is an instructor-led course. You must complete this course before becoming an Oregon Master Naturalist. It is recommended that you take the Online Course before taking the in-person Ecoregion course.

Oregon Master Naturalist Ecoregion Courses

  • $250 The second part of the course requirements to become an Oregon Master Naturalist is the Ecoregion Course, an in-person specialization in one ecologically distinct region of Oregon. One Ecoregion Course is required. The courses are modeled after Oregon's Ecoregion concept, a geographical approach to dividing up Oregon. These courses are explained in more detail here.

The cost of the Oregon Master Naturalist Program is based upon a "cost recovery" model. This program operates on revenue generated by the fees collected through course participation and support provided by Oregon State University Extension.