Willamette Valley Ecoregion students at oak savanna

Participants of the Willamette Valley Ecoregion course inspect this savanna remnant Oregon White Oak at Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge.

A participant of the 2015 Northern Basin and Range Ecoregion course enjoying the view of the wetlands at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Participants of the Northern Basin and Range Ecoregion course learn how this playa lake, Alvord Desert, formed along the east side of Steens Mountain.

Checking out the science and wonder of hot springs in the Alvord basin during the 2015 Northern Basin and Range Ecoregion course.

Participants of the 2015 East Cascades Ecoregion course explore the restored Whychus Creek at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve, a Deschutes Land Trust property.

Welcome to the Oregon Master Naturalist Program!

"I always felt I had gaps in my knowledge.  Now, with the Master Naturalist Program, I feel like I'm able to give more to the participants in my tours."

-Mary, Oregon Master Naturalist - Bend

The Oregon Master Naturalist Program is for people interested in Oregon’s natural history and natural resources management who want to dedicate their time as volunteers. Over 40 states nationwide have similar programs. The Program provides an opportunity to learn about natural resources through the study of scientifically sound information: the natural history of plants, animals, habitats, and geology, the history and processes of landscape change, as well as the most relevant topics in present-day sustainable natural resource management. Participants volunteer for natural resources programs, agencies, organizations, and other groups in their communities. For more information on other Master Naturalist Programs around the country, visit the Alliance of Natural Resource Outreach and Service Programs web site: http://www.nralliance.org/


The Mission of the Oregon Master Naturalist Program is to develop a statewide corps of knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated volunteers who enrich their communities and enhance public awareness of Oregon’s natural resources through conservation education, scientific inquiry, and stewardship activities.