Ecoregion Coursework

You are required to take one Ecoregion Course to become an Oregon Master Naturalist. Oregon is divided into 8 ecologically distinct ecoregions based on climate and vegetation. An Ecoregion Course is a set of in-person classes taught within one of these unique regions of Oregon. These field-based hands-on Ecoregion Courses introduce participants to a wide range of ecological topics relevant to the geographic area where they are taught. Classes typically occur on Saturdays, vary in location depending on the topic, and are usually 6 - 8 hours in length.

We currently offer courses in 5 Ecoregions, which are in-person courses taught within an ecologically distinct region of Oregon. These are:


"I found the course materials and field trips extremely interesting and what I learned just left me with more questions about nature and the motivation to seek answers. The course gave me a great overview of the natural places and processes in Oregon and it will inform whatever I engage in as a volunteer naturalist and as a citizen." -Participant, Willamette Valley Ecoregion