Master Naturalist Experiences

Williamsons Sapsucker, Photo Credit - Andrew Spencer https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/31186991
Fri, 2018-10-26 18:46
Part 1: A 40-hour week of volunteering for Mother Nature Exactly one year ago, I made a 3000-mile road trip from New England to Oregon, teardrop camper JT in tow (aka James Trailer), wondering how on earth I would cultivate new roots as I retired and transplanted myself into this unfamiliar new territory. My daughter-in-law wisely suggested I take the online ... Read more
Cougar, Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Fri, 2018-10-26 17:54
Part 2. ONDA-sponsored Wild and Scenic Short-Film Festival I couldn’t sleep for several nights before setting out on this circuit, fretting about how to handle a cougar attack or a flat tire on back country roads. [Cougar image credit]  So I opted to start my volunteering week at a  Friday film festival in civilized downtown... Read more
Deschuttes Land Trust
Fri, 2018-10-26 16:56
Part 3.  Camp Polk Meadow, Sisters, Oregon—invasive weed pulling with Deschutes Land Trust Have you ever tried to keep 100 square feet of garden free of weeds in late summer? I usually give up around mid-July. But the undaunted DLT Weed Warriors make it their mission three Saturdays per month to pull invasive and noxious weeds from targeted sections of the land trust’s 9000+ acres of... Read more
Some of the painted hills, on a cloudy day
Fri, 2018-10-26 12:04
Part 4. John Day Fossil Beds National Monument From Bend to Dayville’s Fish House Inn and RV, where I camped for the next 4 nights, is a 2-1/2 hour drive, which I made in 7 hours—on purpose. Stopping in the Painted Hills near Mitchell is mandatory! Only 1.75 hours from Bend, don’t miss this amazing unit of the ... Read more
South Crooked River valley in the Ochoco Mts.
Fri, 2018-10-26 07:06
Part 5. ONDA Riparian Restoration Work Camp Trip My week-long volunteer circuit around the Ochoco Mountains included a two-day work camp sponsored by the Oregon Natural Desert Association, or ONDA. Circling the Ochocos clockwise, I stopped often to marvel at the incongruity of a “desert river” and found the gravel turnoff at a milepost somewhere between East-and-West-of-the-Hinterlands. The last 4.5... Read more
Mon, 2018-01-08 19:07
Note from Brandy Saffell, OMN Program Coordinator: Tina originally posted this article on her online blog, By the Light of the Silvery Moon. You can read the post on her website here Oregon is a storied land of... Read more
Thu, 2017-11-30 12:23
Note from Brandy Saffell, OMN Program Coordinator: Ken attended the OMN lichen workshop in October and originally posted this blog entry on his website, Northwest Conifers. You can read the post on his website here   A lichen is not a thing. That is, it is not a single organism... Read more
Thu, 2017-10-26 13:04
Note from Brandy Saffell, OMN Program Coordinator: Caroline Skinner is a Master Naturalist and organizer with Friends of Nob Hill Nature Park. She passed on the press release below about recent improvements to this special spot, which contains some of our rare fragments of native oak woodland and wildflower habitat. There is also information at the end about how to get involved with maintaining the... Read more
Mon, 2017-08-07 16:49
Barely 9 o’clock in the morning and we were already climbing, steeply moving up the switchbacks towards a ridgeline we couldn’t see, moving away from the crowded lakeside campsites, climbing farther into the wilderness. We hoisted our heavy packs over downed logs, the trail on either side of them matted with trampled fir branches. At 4600 feet we stopped to catch our breaths and turned to look behind us. Upslope, the... Read more
Wed, 2017-06-21 11:04
Note from Brandy Saffell, OMN Program Coordinator: The interaction that Deb describes below was part of a Master Naturalist chapter effort to reach out to program graduates. I was very touched by this story because it reminded me that the work we do is not just about connecting people to nature, but also connecting with people themselves. In fact, I think part of growing up as a naturalist is... Read more