The Oregon Master Naturalist Online course is the foundation for the field-based Ecoregion Courses, and covers a broad range of natural history and natural resources conservation topics. The material is delivered entirely over the Internet via an interactive website. Follow the link above for further details.

You are required to take one Ecoregion Course to become an Oregon Master Naturalist. Oregon is divided into 8 ecologically distinct ecoregions based on climate and vegetation. An Ecoregion Course is a set of in-person classes taught within one of these unique regions of Oregon. These field-based hands-on Ecoregion Courses introduce participants to a wide range of ecological topics relevant to the geographic area where they are taught. Classes typically occur on Saturdays, vary in location depending on the topic, and are usually 6 - 8 hours in length.

We currently offer courses in 5 Ecoregions, which are in-person courses taught within an ecologically distinct region of Oregon. These are:

  • Oregon Coast Ecoregion (learn more) - dates pending for 2017

  • Willamette Valley Ecoregion (learn more) - postponed until 2018

  • East Cascades Ecoregion (learn more) - Click link to see full schedule

  • Northern Basin and Range (learn more) - dates pending for 2017

  • Columbia River Gorge (learn more) - Click link to see full schedule