What is the attendance and make-up policy?

We know you all have busy lives, so occasionally, classes may be missed. However, we want your learning experience to be as engaging and complete as possible, so we must set specific attendance and make-up policies. Please consider these policies carefully before signing up for Oregon Master Naturalist coursework.

Attendance Policy

The Oregon Master Naturalist Program (OMNP) attendance policy limits you to NO MORE THAN 2 ABSENCES to successfully complete an Ecoregion course. If you know in advance that you will miss classes, please notify the OMNP coordinator or designee. If you miss more than 2 classes, you cannot get credit for the Ecoregion course. A refund is not available for classes you miss.

Make-up Policy

It is expected that you will acquire the subject matter from the class(es) you miss in some other way at your own expense. Make-up sessions must be comparable in content and length. It is your responsibility to put forth a good faith effort to find suitable opportunities. The OMNP will make every effort to facilitate finding and advertising make-up options.

You will have 18 months to make up any missed classes.

Prior approval must be given for all make-up sessions by the OMNP coordinator or designee. Please notify the OMNP as soon as you have a make-up to propose.

Make-up sessions may include:

  • Future Oregon Master Naturalist Ecoregion classes. You may sit in on only the missed classes at no additional cost AND prior notification is required. If you intend to join a class in a future ecoregion course, please contact the course coordinator as early as possible (ideally when registration opens) so they may have ample time to make arrangements. 
  • Field trips led by subject experts
  • Lectures by subject experts (a minimum of 2 hours in length)
  • Volunteer training sessions (a minimum of 2 hours in length)
  • Other opportunities, as proposed by the participant. If a unique opportunity presents itself that isn’t clearly defined here and you believe it could qualify as a make-up session, propose it to the OMNP statewide coordinator for consideration.